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You can get the full version of my Eat Well, Eat Healthy Recipe E-Book for only £7.99, a MASSIVE SAVING on the usual price.

The full Eat Well, Eat Healthy Recipe book has a whopping 100 healthy eating recipes. Containing drinks, snacks, sides, treats, breakfast, lunch and dinner, there’s something for all tastes.

In the full version of the book, i’ve also included a few pages of hints and tips to read through before you get started, including those little practical tips that make life easier, and additional things you can bear in mind to help you on your journey. There’s also a little advice on how to structure your eating to get the best results.

Eat Well Eat Healthy Recipe BookTESTIMONIALS

Current Weight Loss: Over 4 Stone

Sue has been training with me since March 2014. She regularly attends classes and incorporates the recipes from the book into her diet. She has had amazing success and puts it down to eating healthily and exercising regularly!

Current Weight Loss: Over 3 Stone

Rose started out as one of my students in 2012. She wanted to lose weight after having major surgery and so we put together a plan that included recipes from the book.

Fast-forward 3 years and not only has Rose lost a phenomenal amount of weight, she was so inspired, that she became a Fitness Instructor and is now an integral part of my team!